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Anti-oxidation Impregnation

Graphite is mainly used in aluminium foundries, especially in the processing of molten aluminium, and has excellent resistance to heat. This causes oxidation when using unprotected graphite parts in an oxygen-rich atmosphere. To prevent the oxidation, the graphite parts are coated with a special treatment - a so-called impregnation with antioxidants.

This involves impregnation of the graphite parts with substances based on aluminium phosphate etc. The chemical substances penetrate deep into the pores of the graphite material and cover the surfaces of all pores and cavities. After impregnation, the parts are carefully dried to remove any residual moisture.

The most important advantages

  • Increased resistance to oxidation, less wear and thus longer service life.
  • Ability to maintain the correct shape for longer due to less wear.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime of the degassing system.
  • The impregnation goes deep into the pores of the graphite material.

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