Carbon / Graphite Felt

Rayon Carbon / Graphite Felt

Rayon Graphite Felt is the ideal choice for vacuum furnaces and protective gas furnaces at process temperatures above 1200°C due to its low shrinkage and negligible gas formation. Our Rayon Graphite Felt also have improved oxidation resistance. For special requirements can also be purified to <20 ppm ash content. Rayon Carbon Felt is a lower-cost alternative to Rayon Graphite Felt for applications where chemical purity is not so critical. Due to unique structure of Rayon Carbon Felt, it offers a long lifespan and does not itch on contact.

PAN Carbon / Graphite Felt

Our soft PAN Carbon and Graphite Felt are a high-quality insulation for vacuum and protective gas furnaces in which the felts can withstand a maximum temperature of up to 3000°C. The soft PAN Carbon and Graphite Felt with a very uniform structure have a high thermal stability, low thermal conductivity and specific thermal properties. It is a cost-effective alternative to the Rayon Carbon/Graphite Felt which is suitable for most applications. PCF quality is a lower cost alternative to PGF quality for applications where chemical purity is not so crucial.

Our PAN felts can also be activated for use in redox-flow batteries and are ideal as electrodes.

We recommend to use this material in the following applications:



Heat Treatment


Redox-flow battery


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