Rigid Felt Boards

Our rigid graphite felt boards are available in the form of plates, cylinders and other form parts. Graphite felt is composed of lightweight carbon-bonded fibers, ensuring low thermal conductivity and vapor pressure with excellent insulating properties to reduce heat loss. They can withstand furnace temperatures up to 3500°C and are free of voids or hotspots found in other materials. They are easy to handle, install and machine. The felt boards are available in long-fibre and short-fibre versions.


  • In resistance or induction heated vacuum furnaces and inert gas furnaces, such as degassing furnaces, soldering furnaces, annealing furnaces, sintering furnaces for hard metals, carburizing furnaces, laboratory graphitizing furnaces, inductively heated melting and heat treatment furnaces
  • Nuclear reactor technology (small cross-sectional area for neutron absorption)
  • Thermal insulation for filters and for catalyst supports
  • Porous electrodes
  • Turbine blade manufacturing
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