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Graphite Coating


GraphiCoat-H2O is specifically formulated to provide a superior lubricating and release film for high temperature applications. Its unique particle size and binder system combine to promote a tenacious graphite film for maximum protection against galling, soldering and seizing.

Advantages of GraphiCoat-H2O

  • complete wetting of hot metal substrates
  • excellent coverage
  • superior adhesion and abrasion resistance
  • maximum release characteristics
  • finer surface finishes in casting applications


  • non-ferrous extrusion
  • ferrous, non-ferrous forging lubricant
  • aluminum permanent mold
  • low pressure casting
  • parting compound
  • chain lubricant
  • thread lubricant
  • hot zone bearing lubricant
  • anode stub coating
  • ingot casting


GraphiCoat-Alc is a colloidal dispersion of graphite in ethyl alcohol. It is used for the formation of dry lubricating films and electrically conducting coatings. It is also employed as an anti-seize material on screw threads.

Special features

  • quick drying
  • good adhesion
  • good lubrication
  • remarkably heat resistant
  • low odour
  • low toxicity
  • dry lubricating film
  • electrically conductive

Typical applications

  • dry film lubrication
  • electrically conducting coatings
  • screw thread treatment
  • other applications

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