Glass and Quartzglass Industry

The most complex shapes of special glass can be obtained by blowing glass using special graphite moulds. Pure graphite forms are also the only material suitable for the formation of high purity quartz vessels.

Graphite used for continuous glass formation has very high demands on density, structure and mechanical strength, especially abrasion resistance.

To meet the challenges of manufacturing and refractory processes, specialty graphite solutions are needed. The materials we offer have been appreciated by our customers for their outstanding technical properties. The purity of the material, precision, surface quality and cost-effectiveness are becoming major challenges, therefore specialty graphites are becoming increasingly important.

We have extensive experience in designing and processing graphite parts used in the glass and quartz industry. We can supply many graphite parts such as plates, rounds, handles, fixtures, rollers, mandrels, moulds, clamps, heating elements, crucibles, etc.

We will be pleased to provide you with all the necessary information and advise on the appropriate grade of graphite.

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